「It's hot!」だけじゃない!暑さを表現する10のフレーズ

by Gareth, August 26, 2016

ここのところ、あまりの暑さに教室に入るなり「It's hot!」とか「hot!」いう生徒さんがたくさんいらっしゃいます。

We have had a lot of students come into class recently saying something like “It’s hot!” or "hot!".


We absolutely agree, it is middle of summer here in Japan and it is most certainly, hot! We thought it might be interesting to see what other phrases native speakers use. Here are some we found from asking people we know. Thanks very much to all for the suggestions.


Try using some of these phrases.

1. It’s muggy! (humid and hot) {from Brian}

  1. It’s scorching! {from Kirsty}

  2. It’s stinking hot! {from Bernie }

  3. It’s sweltering! {from Heather }

  4. It’s blazing hot! {from Gareth }

  5. It’s baking! {from Gareth }

  6. It’s sticky. (humid and hot) {from Kirsty }

  7. It's boiling hot! {from Kirsty}

  8. It’s so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. {from Brian }

  9. It's hot as hell! {from Gareth }


It’s scorching → It’s scorching today, isn’t it?

そうそう・・・By the way....


We can't use hot without the subject as you can in Japanese so "It's....." is required

「hot!」→不正解 It’s hot!→正解

x hot!→ o It’s hot!

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